Video Marketing Statistics That Will Define 2017

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When faced with the ever-changing marketing environment, business owners may ask themselves:

  • What ROI do I get from choosing one marketing option over another?
  • How sustainable is online marketing as opposed to offline promotional efforts?

The same questions could be asked about video marketing as well.

In this case, there seems to be a slight reluctance towards this resourceful marketing channel. Mainly due to lack of resources, many businesses are not yet convinced to invest in it.

However, statistics point they should trust video content. Let’s see what the figures are indicating and then try to draw a conclusion.

Visual Marketing – Your Bet for Better Engagement

If you’ve been following social media in 2016, you were able to notice a rise in live videos, infographics or businesses taking on Instagram.

It’s because people have started to realize they can create more powerful brands using social networking sites which rely on visual content.

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And when the demand is great, the offer diversifies accordingly. There are dozens of tools which help users with different design skills to create visual content.

That said, we know in 2016:

  • 37% marketers claimed visual marketing was the main kind of content created by their company
  • 74% of marketers employ visual items within their strategies
  • 65% of people claimed to have retained a piece of information after 3 days when it was paired with relevant visual content
  • 51% B2B marketers favored visual content production.

Among the visual assets, marketers seem to favor video content more and more.

Video Marketing – What 2017 Has in Store

For 2017, specialists estimate an even more pronounced preference for video promotional materials:

  • 74% of Internet traffic could be amassed by video pieces, with an 80% raise by 2019
  • consumers’ viewing intent is 4 times higher when it comes to watching video product materials compared to reading written pieces
  • 60% of marketers claimed to increase expenses in the video marketing sector this year
  • 19% open rate boost for pieces containing the word ‘video’ in their email subject lines
  • Facebook users allocated 3 times more time to watch live video streaming than regular videos
  • 51% of video content is played on mobile devices (with a raise of 15% from 2015).

video marketing

Can we say the main tendency is pairing of video with mobile marketing? The figures seem to attest to that.

To get this approach right, you need to consider the preferred length of the material is less than 5 minutes.

Plus, more and more mobile device users are interested in 360 videos.

A significant aspect is the number of adult users which consume video content on multiple devices at once – a whopping 85%.

As you can notice, there are several aspects involved in assembling a video marketing strategy:

  • the type of video content you want to produce – customize according to platform or business profile
  • the medium you want to promote it to
  • the emerging video content trends
  • the target audience
  • the scope of the material – the videos aimed at brand building should be approached differently than product presentation videos.

As an overall consideration, the 2016 visual and video content figures are optimistic enough to determine companies go on this route.

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