Video Marketing: 8 Compelling Reasons to Use It in 2017

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With so many marketing strategies available, it is sometimes a bit of a gamble to choose just the right approach.

However, there is a path which almost never fails – video marketing. 

But before making the first steps on this road, you may want to know what benefits are in store for you.

1. Notable Return on Investment

Sure, video production may prove to be a challenge to your budget. But if you are reluctant to allocate finances to this department, it’s time you looked at the figures.

This way, you learn facts like:

  • 200-300% increase in click-through rate with videos included in emails
  • 100% raise in video consumption per year
  • 64% raise of purchase intent in buyers who saw a product video presentation
  • 80% boost in conversions for landing pages including videos

Add to that a 65% of marketers who are intent on adjusting budget for video integration with mobile ads.

Everyone seems to be on the same page regarding video marketing. And it’s because of its proven positive record with ROI – return on investment.

2. Google Appreciation

Marketing people seem to never cease emphasizing how much it matters that content is Google-friendly.

Well, one way of getting Google to rank you higher is including videos. The rationale is quite straightforward.

Visitors will spend more time on your website, thus signaling to Google that you get exposure.

video marketing

Plus, Google owns YouTube – which explains why videos are so rank-boosting if you use a YouTube channel to promote your business.

3. Mobile Device Users Love Video

When designing mobile ads, you need to consider user experience.

But have you tried putting yourself in the shoes of the mobile user?

Think of the times you were on commute and browsed websites on your mobile device. Most often, video content was what caught your eye and lengthened the time spent on a webpage or ad.

Now get back to your marketer persona and you can re-assess how much quality video content matters for your prospects.

4. More Conversions and Sales

What do you first measure the success of a marketing campaign with?

Sales and conversion figures is the answer. These are among the most measurable indicators of your content’s performance.

With video content, even more so.

Reports indicate an 80% boost in conversion for landing pages containing video products. Plus, 74% of users claimed they bought a product after having seen an explanatory video resources.

5. Video Marketing Activates More Buyer Categories

The claims that our society is highly consumerist may well be true. So, if we are to guide our marketing actions after this statement, we have to consider video content is the easiest to consume.

And not only easy, but also practical. Potential users need to see the product in action so that they make a fully informed choice when purchasing. 

That’s why even the most passive visitors will likely convert their visits. Video content meets their needs.

6. Video Content Ignites Social Shares

All the advantages outlined above lead to video being a ‘share-able’ kind of item.

Once someone is convinced by your product and its package, they’re more likely to feel compelled to pass it forward.

The video component is decisive with that.

7. The Best Medium for Explanations

Where else can you offer explanations better than within a clip?

It grabs the attention – which is the first prerequisite to conveying informational pieces.

video marketing

8. Trust Building

Last but not least, video marketing is a major contributor to your personal branding efforts. 

You get the chance to create a personable package that buyers can actually relate to. Once they do this, they mark you as a trustworthy source.

As you noticed while reading the article, there are hardly any downsides to video marketing. It is one of those investments that pay off big time. 

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