Top 5 Benefits of Using Twitter Ads

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Do you know that feeling when you get so many options that you have the hardest time deciding what to choose? Same with Twitter – infinite possibilities, little knowledge on how to branch out and really get your content visible.

Did anyone say visibility? Because I have some news for you. Twitter ads!

Indeed, these are some of the best friends any online business could wish for – especially for Twitter neophytes.

Ready to buckle up and see what are your top 5 perks of using Twitter advertisements and let everyone hear about you?

1. Budget-Friendliness

These days, we’ve got to be ultra-careful with any financial move we make – especially in marketing. Special mentions to ads.

That’s why Twitter ads are a safe option when it comes to campaign costs.

Cost per click is established according to existent bids – just like Google ads work. The thing is, Twitter is a much more accessible environment to place ads, as there isn’t so much competition.

twitter ads

Even though – for now – Twitter has a smaller reach than Facebook, this is where you may have a better chance of reaping the best results with your ads.

2. Target Twitter Engagement

First, targeting can be made just by choosing one kind of Twitter ads:

  • Promoted Tweets – promote well-performing content to users who are not among your followers
  • Promoted Accounts – your account is made visible to potential new followers you’ve previously targeted.
  • Promoted Trends – enables you to promote a hashtag to the top of the list.

Once you settle for one of these, Twitter helps you target an audience. How’s that?

First, you set lists that include people who follow certain accounts. This way, you can create a pool of users sharing similar content within your industry. Then, you start using the “Browse tailored audiences” feature on your lists.

3. Twitter Ads Keyword Targeting

If you’re already familiar with Facebook targeting, you know you can only aim your ads according to topics.

But with Twitter, you can add extra precision because it lets you select people who used specific hashtags related to your own industry or business profile.

More specifically, let’s say you’re looking to reach people interested in personal branding. On Facebook, you’d need to look for the “personal branding” topic, whereas on Twitter you’d be much more precise. Target according to hashtags like “#contentstrategy” or “#storytelling”.

4. Pay-as-You-Go

We all wish we could spend money only on things bringing palpable outcomes. Twitter may have read our minds, as its ads are designed on a pay-as-you-go approach.

twitter ads

You only get to pay according to what your content performs. That is, only for concrete actions users are taking.

Within a followers campaign, you’re charged only for the number of new followers registered. Nice surprises, like extra engagement or impressions, are fortunately free.

5. More Targeting

Isn’t it that you’re always aiming for more followers and customers? Then you’ll be pleased to find out that reports point out that 94% of Twitter users expressed purchase intent towards the SMBs they follow. 

So, once your campaigns start to show the first results, you can go into even more detail with your Twitter marketing efforts.

For that, Twitter created a remarketing feature.

Remarketing basically means you use your follower base who took concrete actions on your profile – Tweets, Retweets or Likes.

By selecting users who have seen or engaged with your content in one way or another, you can grow a steadier follower base. Your Tweets will reach those who showed genuine interest.

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