Top 4 Tips for Writing Better Ad Copy

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Every business needs traffic and great ad copy can certainly drive more traffic. But the key word here is great.

Effective copy is inspiring, persuasive and elegantly written. Getting it right is no easy feat, but it will pay off. Moreover, it’s a skill you can learn and improve upon.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of tips which will help you write better copy, get more traffic and ultimately gain more sales.

Sounds good? Then keep on reading.

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1. Embrace Storytelling in Your Ad Copy

People have a strong tendency to make decisions based on emotional thinking. So if you want buyers to click on your advertisement, the copy should appeal to their senses and emotions.

And one of the best ways to do that is through storytelling. People love stories, which is why storytelling is an excellent copywriting tool. 

So think about it: Are there any stories you could use to your advantage?

Maybe you could share the story behind the product or service being advertised. Or showcase some of the challenges which needed to be overcome.

Just make sure the stories support your ultimate goal and show you really know the targeted audience.

2. “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”

It’s a famous sales phrase coined by Elmer Wheeler in the mid-1920s. The main idea behind it is salespeople should focus on the experience around the object or service being sold rather than solely on the product itself.

Ad copy which manages to present buyers with a solution to their problems wins.

When you’re writing sales copy, make sure to go beyond just presenting the features or properties of your product. Show how those characteristics are going to make buyers’ life better.

The focus should be on the benefits, not the features.

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3. Use Analogies to Showcase Quality

High-quality, top quality, highest quality. These phrases are like most pop songs these days: they might sound good, but they don’t really say anything.

See what I did there? That’s an analogy. Analogies are great for explaining abstract concepts like the quality of product or service.

Here is the dictionary definition:

A comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.”

So how do you find the right analogy? Well, there’s really no surefire recipe for it, but there’s one aspect you should always take into account: Your audience.

Make sure you link the quality of your product or service to something your audience is familiar with. Let’s say you’re writing ad copy for a new organizing tool. You could describe its efficiency by saying it’s like having a personal assistant at all times.

4. Include Power Words

When writing copy, always remember you’re basically selling with words. Your choice of words can ultimately make the difference between a sales ad which delivers results and one that doesn’t.

  • Focus on your audience. Use you/your more often than your product or service name.
  • Leverage the power of imagination. Use detailed words which will help readers see the product or service with the mind’s eye.
  • Use active verbs. Active writing is engaging and you avoid adding unnecessary words to a sentence.

I hope you’ll consider using these tips to make the most out of your advertising investment. Make sure to check out the other articles on the blog for more information-rich articles.

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