Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliate Marketing

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Success With Affiliate Marketing

Know all the factors for your success from where to start and ending with where you should really concentrate your efforts.

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate often means that:

Like thousand of others you decided to grow your own business because it presented the best solutions and opportunity to meet your needs. Affiliate Marketers join their Company for various reasons but over and over almost every one fails. So how do the successful go from zero to hero? Armed with the Top 10 Success Factors here you will know what and where you should place your efforts.

1. Don’t Believe The Marketing Myths:

Part of the Attraction for someone like yourself to join a Income Opportunity is the belief that your Product is something everyone wants and needs! This is one of the biggest myths in Affiliate Marketing because the truth is that not everyone will want or need what you’re offering no matter how great it is. Think about how great it is to have a car, is it something everyone needs or wants at any given moment when they see an ad? Absolutely not! Here is how Successful Marketers view their products;

  • Your Products, Goods and Offers are positive life changing solutions that can dramatically impact the lives of the people looking for my solution. Your biggest task is to find all the places people looking for your solutions are.
  • You need to become your businesses greatest asset, the Company, Compensation Plan or Products do not matter without the customer seeing value or solution they have been seeking.

2. Failure Is Your Friend, Yes It Will Happen To You:

You will fail over and over again in different ways, constantly building your skills and knowledge will help you find Success In Marketing. Often your Niche and marketing in general are all new things that are polar opposites to everything you have ever been taught about earning an income. Overcoming failure requires a different mindset;

  • Successful Marketers don’t see failures, problems and frustrations in the same manner as most people. Change your mindset to seeing every problem as a new opportunity to succeed. Your new business is all about solutions and many of those solutions will be helpful when your leads are faced with similar issues. That’s being a true Entrepreneur!

3. Consistency And Persistence Are The Biggest Traits You Must Develop:

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates - Consistency And Persistence

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates – Consistency And Persistence

Some who are new to Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling, and Business Building don’t develop the consistency and persistence they need because of not having the immediate results of their vision. Not having enough time to build your business because life gets in the way and not making those Sales your Company convinced you would make right away? Targeted Traffic and Lead Generation will help you get there but you will always need to gain consistency. Every Successful Marketer owes their success to being consistent in the things they do for their business;

  • In order to make gains you may have to take some losses! Some of your hobbies and daily activities will be lost die to your business efforts. If you’ve never had a business before having one now, especially part time means that other things will have less available time. Gaining the freedom of spending more time with your family might mean having less time with them until success comes.
  • For most not getting sales right away can be the most depressing thing to deal with. For myself it was the struggle of consistency sales. What I had to learn was that my focus should have been on getting more leads and engagement. Sales are the result of being persistent in building “Know, Like & Trust”, with Leads and always building your list of Targeted Leads. Few things gain you more confidence than offering a new product to your list and getting sales from a simple email. More people will “buy” when they Know, Like and Trust you!

4. You Need Traffic But All Traffic Is Not Good:

Traffic is greatly misunderstood because the business of selling Likes, Followers, Views & Visits is a thriving business! Which would you rather have, one customer that buys from you or 1,000 people simply looking around that don’t buy anything? That’s one of the big differences you must understand;

  • Targeted Leads are interested customers even if they don’t buy the first time exposed to your offer. You must learn how to identify “Whoyour best customer is from starting at determining their details. You need to know your best customer habits, gender, age and even where they are most likely to be online or offline.
  • Your List is the biggest resource of your business that you will depend on for the life of your business. If you have more than one best customer, you should also have a list for each best customer.
  • Your best traffic strategy is in building your list from targeted traffic. Each lead you collect onto your list(s) will represent $1 of income for your business. When a lead subscribes to your list it gives you the privilege, not the right to send them emails. Have 8 to 10 great emails already preloaded to (a)give more value, (b)build trust & (c)expose how you will help them because they are a part of your Team.

5. Your Income Is Dependent Upon Your Market Value:

Not making much money or sales? How much value you add to the marketplace will impact the earnings you see. This is why building your skills & knowledge is so important. Online Marketing Training, e-books, fan pages, sites and blogs in your niche are great resources for your own business;

  • Always keep learning this craft and never stop, if you want to earn millions you need to have the knowledge and skills the million dollar earners do. If you’re only earning a dollars monthly then that should be your call to dramatically build your skills and knowledge.
  • My greatest recommendation to you for success is Coaches, Mentors and Peers. A great leadership saying is, “surround yourself with those that are where you want to be in life, not where you have already been”. Every successful Business Owner credits a Coach, Mentor, or Peer that drove them to excel in some way and that’s exactly what you want for your Business. Do you know someone else in your business or niche that does what you want to do? Ask them a few questions, look it up on YouTube or Google what you want to know.

6. You Must Learn One Method At A Time, Get Good At It:

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates - Get Good A One Thing First

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates – Get Good A One Thing First

Trying to learn everything all at once only means that it will take you longer to become proficient in anything. Don’t get caught up in the whole “Free Vs Paid”, finding business success requires you spending time and money. Just do it wisely as you possibly can and never turn down an opportunity to learn more about your business;

  • Blogging is often confused with “Free Marketing” which is not always the case. Having your own Site/Blog is a learning experience and will help you develop needed consistency and skills. Many of the issues and solutions you will experience in running a successful blog will come in handy when your Team asks for help in the future.
  • When I was searching for the best way to get sales I wanted to learn Pay Per Click (P.P.C.) but the sources I had were confusing to the point that it was a waste of time and money. Later I found a mentor that made Pay Per Click easier to understand. The real value in this example was that even with the things I thought were a waste of time and difficult, I still learned and gained value. Some of that same value is what I share now to help others.

7. Where You Start And What You Should Concentrate On:

One of the hardest things to figure out when you’re overwhelmed by information overload. Truth is that there isn’t one single thing that you should concentrate your effort into. Because you need a complete process to make your business work, many people choose a “Done For You” type of business. Even these types of systems require a lot of work on your part;

  • Having a completed Funnel is the best way to introduce, make sales, retain & re-market to your leads. How detailed your Funnel needs to be depends on how your sales are made but even if your Company provides the Funnel you still need to stand out in some way from everyone else. Your Funnel DOES not have to be a huge system itself, it just has to work in getting you leads & sales. Learn what a funnel does and how they can be built, tested and tweaked to work better.
  • Focus on doing things daily for your business to generate revenue, whatever that is for your particular business. Getting clicks, making presentations, talking to leads in person or on the phone, three way calls, Webinars or Hangouts, which ever means creates revenue for you has to be done daily. Part of your efforts should also be to develop means to automate as much of your business that you possibly can.

8. Sharing Value And Building A Team:

Attraction Marketing is one of the proven ways to a great, large and responsive Team. Some marketers share very little without a price attached to entice leads to buy their products. On the other side there are marketers that are always sharing value with their own Team. You can gain value for yourself by trying the things you learn and sharing even the smallest of successes with your own Team;

  • As you grow and learn, trying to do new things in your business these are the things to help you gain value. Learn how your Peers, Leaders and Mentors do it then try for yourself. Your Team will continue to grow as you learn and share new things that work. We all place a greater value on those that we perceive as having knowledge to make ourselves better.
  • Become the Alpha Personality you want to be, in all things with your business you need to always be “The Best You”. Warm, caring, knowledgeable and good natural self should be the best representative of your business. The more you work at it, the more natural it will become. Learn the traits and habits of the successful and incorporate what works for you into your own habits.

9. Sometimes It’s Difficult But That’s How You Want It:

Have you heard of this phrase, “Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”? Success as a Network Marketer, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketer is dependent upon challenging yourself over and over. This is the direct opposite of most jobs where you are either a good politician or good at being unnoticed;

  • Stand out from what every other Marketer is doing in your business and niche, this alone is why I always recommend Marketing “The Best You”. No one else can be you, so why not be the absolute best you can be!
  • Success doesn’t come easy and requires loads of hard work, frustration and lean times. I’ve failed over and over but in my mind I am confident that I can figure out a way around, over, under, something to move me past the current situation. This is the same mindset that successful people have and you would benefit greatly from thinking the same way. “Success only comes before Work in the Dictionary”.

10. Believe In Yourself Even When Faced With Doubt:

You have your own unique perspective and voice to go along with a Product Or Service that changes lives! You must believe that strongly in what you do because if you don’t, no one else will either. If you don’t feel that strong about your Business right now, find another one that you can believe in. People will sense that you don’t believe in what you do and will lose interest. Even in the face of Friends, Family, Wives, Husbands, Children that are negative towards your Business efforts you must remain strong and keep getting better. I can not tell you when it will all come together for you but I will tell you this, “you will never, ever know how close you were if you quit on yourself”.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got much value from it, hopefully it gave you a breakthrough. Please comment below and leave your thoughts, it will be greatly appreciated.

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Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates -

Top 10 Success Factors For Affiliates –

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