Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process

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Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process -Avoid These

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process -Avoid These

Running a business seems to be the new normal nowadays. However, not all entrepreneurs manage to make it big or even get their business off the ground. This is because they overlook one key aspect, namely the lead generation process. Without it, you can’t possibly expect your business to be successful, especially in today’s fast-paced, tech-oriented society.

Don’t know what it means? Put simply, it’s the process of generating customer interest and having them look into what products and services your business has to offer. So now you know what lead generation is, but how do you go about approaching it? Well, the best way to get more leads is to know what mistakes you need to steer clear of during the entire process:


1. Having a Plan Isn’t Necessary

This is a huge mistake. In this day and age, you can have the best and most original business idea and put it into practice, but without a marketing plan and some exposure you’ll get nowhere. You can’t just expect people to automatically show up to your place of business. No, you need to get their attention one way or the other.

Don’t forget that people are exposed to plenty of ads each day, so you can’t possibly expect them to just notice your business out of the blue. You need to understand that lead generation is all about getting exposure first.

This is why you need a quality marketing plan. If you can’t afford one, then start small: Advertise your business on social media websites. It might be slow at first, but it’s a start. Set achievable goals and include in your plan how to reach those goals for an actual schedule to keep.

2. Sub-par Content Ruins Lead Generation

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process - Sub Par Content

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process – Sub Par Content

It has been said many times that quality content is necessary when trying to get the attention of potential clients, but not all business owners seem to give content the attention it deserves. Just writing good content is not enough. You also need to make sure it targets the right audience and speaks in their language. If you’re not a fan of Star Wars but have been around enough people that are big fans you know they speak about things “non fans” are lost on. “Han Solo shot first”, huh?! Yes, just like that.

You need to clearly establish from the beginning who your products and services will cater to, so that you can adjust the content as needed. You can’t expect your process to yield great results if you don’t target the right people.

Take time to study your market and your potential clients first. Learn your audience likes, dislikes, behaviors, where they hang out and visit online.  Once you establish a buyer persona you can start creating targeted content that will be efficient when it comes to drawing in potential clients.

3. The First Contact Is All It Takes

When was the last time you actually bought something from someone that you didn’t trust or have at least a little knowledge about? The thing about engaging more people is that you need to show them that you appreciate the interest they took in your business. You can’t just talk with them once and then expect them to immediately become lifelong customers (Know, Like & Trust). At best, maybe one of the leads you generated will buy your products or services, but this is simply not enough.

lead generation                                                                [ Photo Credits: Kaleb Fulgham’s Flickr ]

You need to nurture them in order to help them “grow” by providing solutions and value. Give them the option to subscribe to a weekly or monthly newsletter that offers them useful tips or give them a special discount to show your gratitude. Don’t be afraid to get a “no” reply, pick up the phone and call your leads. Hearing “no” is actually more important than you know, every no brings you closer to yes!

Look at each and every customer as your best customer ever, above all listen to them. This way, not only will you get loyal customers, but they will also recommend your products or services to their acquaintances. Spy on some of your competition and see what people engaged say about them, most will see that leader as someone who really helps and believes in them.

Discover Other Ways To Grow Your Business

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process - Conqueor

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process – Conqueor

Growing a successful business is no walk in the park and it’s hard to get everything right on your own. As you grow your business the need for even more targeted leads will grow also. Don’t overlook expanding into different platforms and methods of gathering more people into your targeted audience. Many different methods are available for you to get even more, just master one before moving on to another:

  • Email Marketing: Always continue to build your list, some of the leads on your list maybe interested but the time to “buy” just wasn’t right for them. Continue to over deliver valuable content to your email lists and when the time to buy will arrive for those prospects.
  • Offline Marketing: Personal Networking, local ads and events are not just Branding opportunities, you can generate a consistent source of leads.
  • Events & Meetings: Hold meetings, Webinars, Host a Forum or even promote a giveaway to generate interest and traffic to your business.
  • Video Marketing: Video remains one of the best ways a lead can “get to know” you and what you’re all about. Video can help you further develop “Know, Like & Trust” by giving people a glimpse into your personality.
  • Networking: Be part of the conversation among popular forums, groups and other blogs. Doing this will give you a presence among your peers and other leaders within your niche. This will help your authority and show your willingness to help others solve issues and problems within your market.

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Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process  - glenntguillory.com

Mistakes Will Hinder Your Lead Generation Process – glenntguillory.com

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