The Right Tools to Understand Your Customers in 2017

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If you want to be truly successful as a marketer, you have to know your customers better than you know yourself.

It’s the only way to create compelling messages and improve the clients’ experience. There’s a lot to gain if you manage to understand your customers and their needs. But it doesn’t come effortlessly.

The good news is there are tools for making this task easier. Using them can give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers – the key to achieving core business goals.

Are you curious what tools you should be using right now? Read on to find out!

#1 Get Data that Helps You Understand Your Customers

understand your audience

It’s paramount to know how visitors get to your website, where they click, what they do, for how long, and so on.

Each action performed by a visitor gives you valuable information about their behavior.

To get data that outlines these facts, you can use one of the best available free tools – Google Analytics. You can track referrals, time on page, bounce rate and many other metrics relevant to your niche and website.

The data you collect should help you understand your customers by telling you:

  • What your audience doesn’t understand
  • What they do and don’t like
  • On what pages they spend the most and least amount of time

#2 Engage with Your Audience in a Smart Way

Most people don’t want to interact with a business. They want to interact with other people. So you should do your best to humanize your brand.

Additionally, the recent few years have brought a change in customer mentality. In the past, you could reply to an email in a couple of days without getting many complaints. Now, users expect an answer much, much faster.

That’s why you should not be afraid to use Facebook Messenger to talk to your audience, answer questions, and provide support.

The same goes for Twitter and any other social media networks where you focus your efforts.

On the other hand, you can use tools like Drift.

It’s a nifty chat app that integrates with your website and enables you to talk to your visitors while they’re browsing. You’ll also be happy to know it’s free.

#3 Do Keyword Research like a Pro

understand your customers

You won’t be able to fully understand your audience if you don’t know what keywords they use to find your website or products/services.

Also, you’re most likely to write great content and increase traffic with deep SEO optimizations.

To understand your customers and the way they reach your website, you can use two basic tools.

Google’s Keyword Planner together with Google’s Webmasters Tools will help you get the job done.

Granted, to access the keywords research tool, you’ll need an AdWords account, but you can use it for free – even without investing in ads.

Ubersuggest is another excellent option for doing keyword research. The free tool helps you quickly find new keywords not available in the Google Keyword Planner.

You should also check out

Over to You

These are clearly not the only tools you can use to get insights into your audience’s behavior.

But they’re a good start if you’re looking to better understand your customers in 2017. They’re all free, so there’s nothing to lose in trying them out.

What other useful tools have you found? Share your answer in the comments section below.

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