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Pay Per Click Advertising

This post Pay Per Click – What To Know provides insight for new marketers up to intermediate level. Here you will find some of the things you should apply and avoid because missing even the slightest of details can derail you from achieving success.

Good Ads will give you Traffic, Targeted Leads, Sales & help you build a large list. Do you have a New School Lead Generation mindset but still use a few Old School habits?

What Is Pay Per Click (P.P.C.)?

Pay Per Click - What Is Pay Per Click?Pay Per Click is nothing more than you the Marketer paying for your ads to be seen on a particular platform. When a potential customer “clicks” on your ad, then you are charged for the process or click. The showing of your ads is called an “impression”, depending on your targeting each different ad may require more or less impressions to deliver the clicks you seek. P.P.C. has also been referred to as “Cost Per Action” C.P.A., and even “Cost Per Click” C.P.C. Don’t worry too much about these terms as it’s not that important right now, we’re strictly dealing with P.P.C. in this post. We will keep it simple and only address common P.P.C. methods that I’m using now.

Super Hero Tool Belt:

Pay Per Click - Super-Hero-Tool-Belt

Pay Per Click – Super-Hero-Tool-Belt

You need the right tools at your disposal to properly kick off a good P.P.C. campaign, this list is not all inclusive as you could run a good campaign without all of these but I recommend them based on my own trial and errors:

  1. Website/Blog – All important that you have a self hosted Site or Blog to always use as the center or hub of all that you do. A self hosted Site or Blog is just your purchased domain & hosting, not a free site because you can’t control all aspects of it such as placing ads on it or making changes. Having a Site/Blog with your name will make your ads much smoother for relevance too.
  2. Auto-Responder – Building your list should play a large part in every ad strategy, your ads will bring interested people to your business and not collecting leads will be wasting your budget. It’s really up to you which one you choose, I use AWeber. Keep in mind that an Auto-Responder is something that you will have for the long haul. The one you pick will be with you for a long time and it’s not easy (let’s say very difficult) to move a list between different Auto-Responders if you want to change it.
  3. Funnel(s) – Your P.P.C. ads will target specific types of customers and having a funnel built that addresses their particular needs will help you to retain and generate responsive customers. A simple funnel of 6 to 8 emails will do fine but don’t sit back and forget it. Keep tweaking, testing and adding your best result to grow your funnel.
  4. Landing Pages – Most Affiliate Marketing Companies provide landing pages, even funnels. So why create your own? There’s nothing wrong with using your Company landing pages but they should be used with your own. P.P.C. ads that go directly to your Company landing pages are generally not loved by the marketing platforms offering P.P.C. It’s their platform and they usually get heartburn from every Affiliate, M.L.M., Direct Marketing/Sales or Network Marketing mention. Some times even using your Company links can cause your ads to get shut down and worse case your account banned. Using your own landing pages helps you to establish your brand and helps you stand out from everyone else in your company. My best 2 Landing/Capture page sources are MITS Pages and
  5. Tracking & Conversion Tools – Again many Companies now provide Affiliates these stats for marketers to monitor their own efforts but if you don’t use tracking and conversion now you really should soon as you can. Gaining experience is something you want to be able to share with your team for duplication. A great tool for this is PrettyLink and it will work with your Site/Blog and you can use it together with the data each P.P.C. platform provides for your ads.
  6. P.P.C. Account – Most would think that this is a “no-brainer” but you must have an account with a means to pay for your P.P.C. campaigns already established. Some only take credit cards and others also allow PayPal payments. If at all possible you want to “back up” your ads delivery for a “just in case” scenario. It is too easy to accidentally do the wrong thing when you have little experience with P.P.C. to lose your account. At a minimum have additional email, payment method (second credit card), separate computer available to generate another account so you can get back up and running. You should be fine if you are using your own pages, links and staying away from doing something with your ads that doesn’t feel right to you.

P.P.C. Platform Miscues:

Pay Per Click - P.P.C. Miscues

Pay Per Click – P.P.C. Miscues

Know that each platform is slightly different in the approach for P.P.C. but will have some similarities. What works on one will not perform the same on the other. On any of the platforms avoid using copyright materials or images trademarked, watermarked and or have Royalties tied to them. If you need images try Canva, it’s becoming one of my most valued image sources. You can also get some done on Fiverr fairly quick and good quality. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Facebook P.P.C. – Running Ads on Facebook it is highly recommended to do so through a Fan Page. Try to keep your business activities separate from your personal profile. Just the way their Ads Platform is set up, managing your ads will be through your personal profile (I know it can be confusing at first, hang in there). Avoid using any trademark image or name in your ads, especially the words “Facebook” or any of their images such as the “thumbs up” like icon. As you progress as a marketer you can use them with caution if it’s deemed relevant and useful without infringement but it’s best to avoid it all together. A good rule of thumb for all P.P.C. platforms is having the same images in your ad also appear in your landing/capture page. You may need an image resizer application depending on your lead page template. Avoid using spammy or schemey (not words but you get the point) words with your ads on any platform. These words are negatives for any P.P.C. ads, cash, quick, money, MLM, Multi-Level-Marketing, home business, network marketing, direct selling. Sometime they slip through but you want to avoid any combination of them in your ads.
  • Yahoo/Bing Search P.P.C.With search P.P.C. these are the ads you see at the top of the page center and in the right hand column when on a search results page. Relevancy and congruency are important, what this means is that your P.P.C. ads here show up as text first to your lead. Once they click your ad they should see first the same ad copy or text on your Landing Page right away. Let’s say for example your text ad said: Lose Your Extra Weight Safely & Quick. In the header or top of your Landing Page your leads should see first “Lose Your Extra Weight Safely & Quick”. Then the rest of your page should explain exactly how they can do what you’re advertising. One extra part of being congruent for Affiliates is that if your page sends leads to a Affiliate Company Page after your page (this is called a buffer or sandwich page) you should have the recommended key links to that Company’s “Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions / Earnings Disclaimer / etc. Your Landing Pages from your ad when sending leads to an Affiliate Offer should mimic the landing pages of that Company. You should be able to find them on your Affiliate Pages, Log-In, Member Pages near the bottom of the page. This way you take the “misleading” part out of where you’re sending those leads.
  • Twitter P.P.C. – One thing of note with Twitter is that if you are just starting out on Twitter, you may not have enough activity to allow an ad account. Just keep tweeting and engaging daily, keep checking to see when your status changes to start an ad account. Similar to the P.P.C. methods of Facebook & Search all of the common good practices apply with ad campaigns here also. Avoid references to monies, earnings, earners, cash and anything affiliate marketer oriented. Let’s say you have access to a 7 Figure Earner Webinar you want to promote for your business. Normally that text would be okay in a normal Tweet but would cause problems with your Ads Account. Instead keeping in the flow of not mentioning affiliate language try: Johnny Smythe, proven online success. Free Webinar Registration. Keeping the words you use away from the marketers language will keep your account running for the long haul.

Be A Hero:

Bloggers, Marketers, Business Owners, it doesn’t matter which one you are. We all value time, it is really our biggest commodity. You can’t get enough when you’re struggling part time but you will place higher value on your time as you gain more success. Pay Per Click Marketing is not rocket science but if you’ve never done it before can take a large chunk of time. It will eat up your money too if you don’t have good direction. Take one P.P.C. method and get good at it before trying and mastering the next one. A great start to your own P.P.C. skill building is MITS Training. Get 7 free videos to get started and start mastering P.P.C. without the confusion: Click Here For 7 Free PPC Video’s

Giving you more value and helping you achieve success in YOUR business is my goal. Please leave a comment or question about Lead Generation below. I respond to all comments personally but if you would like to contact me privately just send an email to: [email protected]

Your Friend, Glenn

Pay Per Click -

Pay Per Click –

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