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Mobile Marketing, have you activated your Mega Power yet?

You need to get on the ball before you miss out! Mobile Marketing is targeting an audience of buyers that has been constantly building up for a few years but the landscape is changing again. Taking advantage of Mobile is much like adding super powers to your Marketing!

What’s The Big Deal?



Back in the day (4 or 5 years ago), one major company experienced the largest uptick in profits it had seen in it’s existence! That company was e-bay, and the reason behind it’s largest revenue growth ever? The e-bay site went “mobile friendly”. Let’s put that potential in perspective:

  • More Internet Accessible Phones are in use today than toothbrushes! (crazy but true)
  • The New York Times reports that HALF of their traffic comes from and 10% of ad revenues come from mobile
  • Every Major Advertising platform includes the ability to target smart phone and pad users
  • Everything new on the Internet is either specifically geared towards smart phone users or smart phone & pad friendly
  • Mobile Market click counts have doubled every year according to every major ad network

More Signs:

  1. It was predicted, early as 2011 (yes that far back, lol) that the tablet would outsell PC’s & Laptops. Tablets were the “in thing” but Laptops are still sought after and just about every household still has them. Where it gets tricky is that more people are getting Internet access by Cell Phone than the tablet. Think about it, not only can you access the Internet virtually anywhere you end up with Mobile but you can call the police, call work & shop all on the same device! You can’t carry a tablet on your hip everywhere you go (well you could but it still wouldn’t be convenient and kinda weird).
  2. Big Daddy Google announced that Twitter popular searches would start getting love in the search engines. What really is the primary end user for most Social platforms? That’s right mobile, ever wonder why so many apps and Web applications are already mobile friendly? Not that long ago you had to decide for yourself if you wanted “mobile ready” applications on a site. Most applications now are set to work on all operating systems. Google also announced that search from mobile would become more important. Remember once upon a time the same was said about video and then Google bought YouTube. Videos show up in search results on the regular these days.
  3. Is that a phone on your wrist? In case your cave doesn’t get the latest news, Apple just announced their latest in the form of a watch. All of the new “smart” watches are just phones you wear like a watch, heck it’s still Mobile.

Where The Consumer Is:

Mobile Market - Where The Consumers Are

Mobile Market – Where The Consumers Are

  • More and more mobile ready e-commerce applications are coming like pay options from Apple & Samsung. You can imagine that being able to send and receive money apps won’t be far behind even though it’s already possible. Have you noticed how many Internet options offer to send you mobile updates? It adds to the bottom line because not only are they collecting more metrics and data on your behaviors but also encouraging you to keep accessing and viewing their Mobile Marketing efforts.
  • So there isn’t a magic pill to pull in all mobile users to your Brand but you should be making the effort to learn how. Just like no person in their right mind goes onto any Social site with the intention of buying something, ads on Social platforms are now everywhere. If you’re not including mobile in your targeting you need to start testing and catch up. What more incentive can I give you greater than mobile revenues continuing to increase year after year? My mentor likes to say something like this, “Those that master technology will be sought after for the value they impact upon the market place, those that don’t will be left behind as their value decreases”. It means that your business will slowly dry out if you avoid at least adding a segment of your marketing efforts towards mobile. The amount of value you add to the market because of skills, what you learn and share will directly impact the income you make.
Marketing On Mobile - Advantage You

Marketing On Mobile – Advantage You

Mobile Market : Advantage You?!

Wondering how exactly can you take better advantage of mobile marketing? If you are then I’ve got news for you, start now! I love using P.P.C. methods and all the major advertising platforms also allow you to target mobile users. Keep in mind where (country) you are targeting for your particular campaigns and add mobile this way:

  1. Target Mobile users in your campaigns separately, when targeting a specific group and or keyword duplicate for mobile. Just keep your Mobile campaigns as a separate group from the ones targeting differently (desktop, right column ads, etc.) and add sets to that campaign for different locations and keywords.
  2. Test, tweak, test, record and test again. As a marketer one big part of success is in knowing how the success was attained so that you can do it again and again. For every Ad Campaign you run, a second ad (split test) slightly different should be running along side. Ads work better in two’s, sometimes one simple word, color, phrase, slight difference can make a successful ad.
  3. Measure your Mobile Marketing to know the performance from ad to follow up. Every platform has it’s differences, depending on your market you may have plenty of clicks and sales or have the clicks without the sales. Know the stats of how your Mobile Campaigns perform so that you know where you need to test more and what is working well. It might also be worth while to try out a mobile specific auto-responder.

This is one of my products and is a great start towards building an income online: Top Tier Income

Enjoying bringing the value for you, do you have any questions or comments? Let me hear from you, leave a comment below. I respond to all personally. Coaching & Training available, send email to: [email protected]

Until the next, your friend Glenn


Marketing On Mobile -

Marketing On Mobile –

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Ari basmajian says March 11, 2015

That is cool to know especially if you have an online marketing business there is money everywhere on the internet its very overwhelming.

    admin says March 11, 2015

    Very true Ari, I never say it’s easy but is something most everyone can learn. Many people quit because they’re overwhelmed or don’t see the results they anticipated. Between my posts, articles and Coaching I try to help many as I can.
    Thank you for the comment, your friend Glenn

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