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The other day I read a story from a successful Network Marketing leader that told the story about a marketer that just started in 2014. He joined one of the bigger direct sales systems, and was recruited from the corporate world background. Applied the training from the company, he went all in and failed miserably. Nothing is obvious in the beginning for Network Marketing because there are those that seem to have immediate success just because they invested a little and got big returns. I explain why this doesn’t work for Home Business owners 98% of the time and what does in the video below.

What Was Wrong:

Missing The Network Marketing Success - What Was Wrong

Missing The Network Marketing Success – What Was Wrong

The new marketer in the story used Solo Ads for his Traffic. In the Digest version, he didn’t take the time to learn what was right. Easy answer and I know it doesn’t really help you avoid the same problem if you don’t already know what’s right, right? Yes I’m laughing now, so let’s get back to serious. The fact is that no matter how good your Company might be or even how great the training is, there will always be something missing or one detail overlooked (by accident or on purpose). Every MLM, System, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company has it’s own version of “the basics”. The basics are not all included here but you will get the idea:

  • Make a list of 100 people, friends, family, etc. to present your new business to
  • Overcome your fear and market to anyone within 3 feet of you
  • Place banners on websites using CPA, CPC, etc.
  • Run Solo Ads, buy traffic from the Company

Joy Or Pain:

You might be thinking either one of two things right now, “hey that stuff works for me”, or “I’ve never been able to get that stuff to work for me!”. Both thoughts are correct! That stuff works but it doesn’t work well or for everyone. For every new marketers these methods work for there are another 100 that it doesn’t work for. Wouldn’t you want to be able to teach what works to the people in your downline or are a part of your Team? Here are some of the reasons why these old methods don’t work for well for most:

  1. People love to buy what they want but hate to be sold
  2. Traffic rarely buys your offers because their are only a tiny number of leads in that traffic that your solution speaks to
  3. Traffic that is not “Targeted” does not convert into sales (see answer #2)

Help Has Arrived:

Missing The Network Marketing Success - Help

Missing The Network Marketing Success – Help

Not everyone has thousands of dollars for their own budget so maybe this doesn’t worry you anyway. Let me make it clear, they’re thousands of marketers doing exactly the same things every day. Just not on the same scale and admittedly I was one of them. Going through alternate success and failure left me banging my head in disgust. I had to realize that it wasn’t just the methods I was using, it was my own skill in “how” I was getting traffic. So I learned the awesome (yes it’s awesome) power of Targeted Leads plus I found a mentor that had time for me when I couldn’t figure something out or missing a detail. That’s the solution;

  1. Build your skills in marketing and never stop learning.
  2. Find a Coach, Mentor or both that’s affordable to you (someone who will actually devote their own time to help you without charging all of your marketing budget)
  3. Test and try out what you learn, share with your Team what works (even your small successes)

Build Your Skills Now:

If you want to start learning how to get 10 – 25 leads a day, you can use the same resource I use to this day. It’s called MITS and it’s training from my mentor Vince Reed (the King of Targeted Leads Generation, yes he’s that good).

Just click this link here: MITS Lead Training

Thanks for reading, much more to come

Your Friend Glenn

Missing The Network Marketing Success - GlennTGuillory.com

Missing The Network Marketing Success – GlennTGuillory.com

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