Landing Pages for Beginners: 5 Things You Should Include

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Attracting visitors to your website is a crucial goal of digital marketing.

However, this doesn’t mean your revenues will automatically increase. Once people are on your page, the conversion process begins. And you have to try to turn visitors into customers.

Needless to say, it can be a challenging process.

landing pages for beginners

A solid landing page, however, will ease your efforts. New at this? Read the tips below on landing pages for beginners.

1. The Design of Your Page Is Crucial

If your landing page is not appealing, or if it’s too crowded, you lose conversion potential. Here are some things to improve your page’s look:

  •  Use up-to-date graphic opportunities to give your page a modern aspect. Steer clear of low-quality graphics.
  • Landing pages shouldn’t look like they don’t belong with the rest of your website. It’s important there’s a correlation in terms of color and design.

2. Landing Pages for Beginners Should Bring Value

A successful landing page triggers conversion through value.

You have to show people the importance of your offer. Just posting new discount prices might not be enough. Try to stand out. Make a comparison or give relevant examples to highlight your offers’ benefits.

People are increasingly reluctant to immediate purchase. They are aware that dozens other offers are waiting out there. Make them stick to yours by giving them something useful.

3. Don’t Promote Several Products at Once

This is one of the best landing pages for beginners tips: Keep things simple. In other words, don’t add too much info in this section. Chances are it will confuse visitors.

landing pages for beginners

It’s recommended to promote a sole product on your page. Several offers often lead to a difficult decision, and this can drive visitors away.

A single offer provides a straightforward message. Therefore, only those who are really interested in buying will linger on this page.

4. Don’t Ask for Too Many Personal Details

People are becoming increasingly reluctant to sharing their personal details. It’s important to address this issue as well when talking about landing pages for beginners.

Now, many landing pages often include some sort of form. This helps businesses collect contact info from future prospects.

It’s important to keep these forms concise and down to the point. Don’t require information that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Otherwise, you risk visitors going away. Generally speaking, this happens for two reasons:

  • They don’t want to lose time filling in the form
  • They suspect their details will be shared to others for marketing purposes

Bottom line; think about the essential facts that help you qualify your leads. Those are the only details you should be asking for.

5. Use a Clear Call-to-Action

A landing page without a clear CTA doesn’t fulfill its goal.

This is a primary way of communicating with your visitors. It’s how you state your intention.

To reach its goal, your CTA must be clear and easy to follow. Here are some basic rules for efficient CTA’s:

  • They are limited to a single goal (for instance: click the link below to download our tutorial; get a free quote)
  • They are emphasized through graphic means: buttons or links (this ensures easy access), visible fonts, bright colors.
  • They use words that urge visitors to act fast (active verbs; time limits, adverbs that create a sense of urgency: now, immediately, today)

Crafting effective landing pages is not that difficult, even if you’re not experienced in this field.

Just keep these simple guidelines in mind, apply them, and you should start seeing results in terms of improving your site’s efficiency.

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