How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

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How to optimize your Facebook Fan Page for Lead Generation and audience growth.

Your Facebook Fan Page is almost like a blog for your business. Learn today how to optimize for more likes and returning eager fans to your page.

How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

How To Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

What to do with your “Business Page”?

When I first set out to get my business page up, I really didn’t have a clue and was following the advice of a “Guru”. So yes I didn’t have a clue but some how still managed to get some interested people following the page. Eventually I had about 10K likes, daily engagement in the posts I put up but can you guess what was missing? Absolutely, positively zero money! Oh yes I promoted posts and even promoted my blog posts but none of it was optimized for Lead Generation or Sales. This post is to help you avoid falling into the same circumstances and correct your existing page or get a better start than I did.

Step 1:

You must have a Facebook Personal Profile Page before you can create your business page. Once you have all that you can pick the option “create a page” or just go to this link: Create Facebook Page. Now you want to pick your “Category or Classification”, you will likely see choices like these:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
Facebook Fan Page - Step 1

Facebook Fan Page – Step 1

Note: If you are a Marketer or Home Entrepreneur that markets other peoples or companies products you will want to Brand yourself. This means that you will use your own name or a variation of it for your page. I highly recommend you Brand yourself by entering your classification as “Public Figure”.

Step 2:

Much like any other page that requires input FB will navigate you to the remaining tabs to fill out, don’t skip these. Fill these blocks out completely as possible, it helps if you do. Much of this the remaining information will be for your “About” tab. Fill in all the spots, as you start gaining interests some of your leads will read what’s there. Take a look at this example:

Facebook Fan Page - Step 2

Facebook Fan Page – Step 2

On this page there are places for you to enter your phone number (put your business number here if you have one), email address (either your personal or business email) and website URL. Also include contact information such as a link, appointment scheduler, or even voice mail in your personal information block so leads have multiple ways to see how you can be contacted.

Upload your profile photo:

When Branding yourself it’s good to upload a good picture of you that is the same as the one people will identify as you on your blog. If you’re Branding your self owned business and have a Logo that your customers identify with put the logo here instead. You will need the image to be clear (png type images shrink or enlarge well) and 180 x 180 pixels.

Your cover photo:

This is the large background of your Fan Page, it is the single most prominent area of your page, so you want it to capture attention. I really recommend that you outsource this to a freelance professional, Fiverr or Elance has quite a few that would be happy to have the work but I recommend trying out Pagemodo. You can edit an existing template for free or get them to design a custom cover page for you. Take a look at the available apps that are available for FB Fan Pages and decide if there’s any that fit your business needs. Here’s my cover page image, you will see that I am my own Brand and that I use this very same banner across all of my Social Accounts:

Facebook Fan Page - Your Cover Photo

Facebook Fan Page – Your Cover Photo

Why do they want me to promote my page already?

As some point during this process of completing your Fan Page, FB will suggest that you promote the page. Ignore this suggestion until you start having regular posted content, share a few things to your site first because you want some actual regular content for people to engage with.

Step 3: What, How, When to post content. There seems to be a gazillion different pages in search now that will tell you the best times to post on FB. Four basic times to start with but I’m going to concentrate on letting you know how and what to share on your new Fan Page;

  1. Do a search on from your Fan Page of similar interests to what your page is about from the search page. Also search for other popular people in your marketing niche. As you search those pages, like the ones that have great content you personally like. As they post through out the day those liked pages posts will show up in your Fan Page Newsfeed (under the “Home” tab). Share a few of these posts on your own page with your very own special take in the comments and thank the original “postee” for letting you share that content. This will help you to supplement your own content.
  2. Promote your own content from your blog/website articles or posts. This content is the most important posts you will share on your pages, make sure you have good images within your posts and tell your audience a short story on why the article is something they need to read, watch or comment on. Your own posts of content needs to always have a “Call To Action”, provide them with something they need, and be something they can do or actually take action. Engagement is the result of having a “Call To Action”, you will rarely get it if you don’t ask for it. Make sure that you promote your own content for at least 2 to 3 days, this is going to build up your audience so don’t let them down by not creating blog posts regularly (1 to 3 times every week).
  3. Text is not going to give you much action but it’s not completely dead, heck we are all visual creatures so try to include a mixture of “knock my socks off” images and video. If you have a library of YouTube videos to share with your business audience try to mix it up with video’s directly uploaded to FB too. Apply the same rules to your video posts as your blog content, have a “Call To Action”. Keep your video’s short and under 5 minutes so that you don’t lose your audiences attention, we all have short attention spans even for things we like.
  4. Take a look at Postplanner as another way to supplement your own content on the Fan Page. They specialize in FB shared content with cool images all the way to puzzles, quotes and inspiration. It costs about $7 per month to get started but they have some great insights for marketing and posting on Facebook and it’s a time saver. Because you can schedule content with Postplanner for months at a time it’s a great tool to have.
  5. Facebook Fan Page - Step 3.5.1

    Facebook Fan Page – Step 3.5.1

    Another time saver is the drop down for you content posts, just click the arrow on the “post” button. This works for your original content, linked, video, image or text where you can “schedule” the post for a later time, date or even save as a draft for later. This is great to get ahead of schedule just in case life gets in the way of you accessing the Internet for whatever reason. You can also set your posts from public to private much the same as post on your personal timeline.

    Facebook Fan Page - Step 3.5.2

    Facebook Fan Page – Step 3.5.2


Use your Fan Page along with your Blogging Strategy to promote and establish your audience and keep consistent. How well this can work for you depends upon you providing great material that not only solves the biggest problems your audience has but it also very interesting for those in your niche. Always provide ways for your audience and potential customers to reach out, contact you and for you to reach out to them. Yes it is that vital, the more people you can actually talk with and help will be the greatest factor in your business success (even if the process is automated).

Join me again soon for more value, as I will pick up where this post left off and show how to get leads from your page. Do you have questions or comments about this post? Please leave a comment below, I love getting comments and respond to all of them. You can also contact me directly for any online business questions at: [email protected]

Until the next, your Friend Glenn

Facebook Fan Page -

Facebook Fan Page –

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