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How to Generate More Leads and Sales with Google Display Campaigns

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As you probably know, Google AdWords has two main networks:

  1. The Search Network which allows you to place text ads in the search engine results.
  2. The Display Network which lets you place display ads on more than a million websites, smartphone apps, videos, blogs and other online platforms like Gmail.

The question we are going to focus on in this article is how can Google Display Network help you generate more leads?

To get started, here are a few noteworthy advantages which will likely peak your interest:

  • Possibility to advertise on popular, high-authority websites which rank high on Google.
  • Leverage people’s appeal for visual content and promote your business with images and video.
  • Opportunity to reach a broad audience (more than 80% of all Internet users according to Google) in more than 30 languages and 100 countries.

Now that you know more about it, let’s jump straight into how you can use the Display Network to create profitable campaigns.

generate more leads

Find the Right Audience for Your Business

Google Display Network lets you target your ads based on audiences in a number of different ways:

  • Contextual targeting. Based on your chosen keywords or your campaign’s particular topic area, AdWords helps you find an audience which is most likely to be interested in your business.
  •  Remarketing targeting. With this option, you can reach those people who were previously on your website, while they visit other sites included in the Display Network.
  • Demographic targeting. It lets you place ads on sites relevant to people who are likely to be within the age, gender and parental status demographic group you want to target.

Use Creative Hooks to Generate More Leads

To support your efforts to generate more leads, display ads need to be more provocative compared to search ads.

That’s because Search Ads appear to people when they’re already looking for specific goods or service.

Advertising on Google Display Network, on the other hand, is meant to help you gain your audience’s attention earlier in the buying cycle, when they are just starting to be aware of a need they want to fulfill.

What you need to trigger them into a buying mode is a powerful short phrase or jingle (hook) which sparks strong, genuine emotions, such as:

  • Curiosity
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Altruism
  • Shame

If you can shape up your ad message to harness emotions, you have a better chance to generate more leads with your Google Display Campaigns.

generate more leads

Experiment with a Variety of Ad Formats

One of the best things about the Google Display Network is that it allows image, video or rich media formats to appear on its network of sites.

You can make the most out of this and generate more leads by:

  • Creating ads in every available format. Sure, this will take additional effort compared to just using a single format. However, it’s the safest option you have, considering some websites will only support one format.
  • Matching your ad format with your advertising goals. Do you want to attract attention? Use colorful images that easily stand out. Want to tell a story which conveys your brand message? Video or animation can help you increase your brand awareness.

There are many other levers you can pull to get more leads and sales with Google Display Network.

If this is an advertising strategy which you think is right for your specific goals, you can read more about building your first campaign here.

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