How to Come up with the Best Twitter Lead Generation Cards

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How to Come up with the Best Twitter Lead Generation Cards

If you own a business, then you definitely want to get your hands on some quality Twitter lead generation cards. What are they? Put simply, these Twitter cards allow you to input any promoted Tweets into an actionable interface. This way, when users click on the call to action (CTA) you placed, Twitter will automatically send you their Twitter-associated email addresses. This means you also know they’re valid, since they are verified by Twitter.

The most important thing about these cards is that they basically extend your Tweets and allow you to implement a CTA into your message. This, in turn, will help get people more interested into what services and products your business has to offer.

But how would you go about creating quality Twitter lead generation cards? Well, fortunately for you, there are various tips and tricks you can take into consideration when doing this:

1. Make smart decisions when it comes to what you have to offer

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Think of the process you have starting with how you attract a lead all the way to converting leads into customers. The process or trail that your traffic will follow should be an obvious straight path without alternate routes or confusion. It is true that most CTAs (Call To Action’s) generally link to landing pages that provide people with useful e-books or white papers in exchange for their contact details. However, you also need to take into account the way most people access Twitter lead generation cards. Understand that almost half of the Twitter user base accesses Twitter through mobile devices.

What this means for your business is that it would fare better if it would provide people with something that doesn’t require them to download it, since it’s rather inconvenient. These are the Actions of Twitter Cards you can use for Lead Generation:

Email List sign up, capture those leads and build your list.

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    Sign up or register on a Website, great for e-commerce, membership sites, and site newsletters.

  • Offer a coupon, discount or contest promoting your business and or products. (Great Branding Tool).
  • Send customers/leads to a landing page for your business. Keep in mind that Twitter users are mostly mobile users. Check your responsive pages on mobile before you use them or only use landing pages specifically designed for mobile use. Try to avoid offering downloads, a download is usually not convenient or even practical for mobile unless it’s an *app or software (see below).
  • Have customers download an app or software without leaving Twitter!

2. Think short and appealing, get creative

The thing about these Twitter lead generation cards is that they used to impose a 20-character limit, and regular Tweets were limited to just 140 characters. Which really gets you thinking when it comes to adding your CTA. What if you could use a vine, viral image or even a 5 minute video? Now you can, just imagine the possibilities it would that create for your business! In an earlier post I wrote about the benefits of Native Ads, you can create Native Video’s with Periscope and incorporate video with your cards too!

Take your time when coming up with a clever CTA. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, then see what your competition is doing. For every post, article, e-book, video, etc. I research the Internet not just for information but also to see what others have done on the subject. You should do the same and it will help you to get better with your own marketing.

3. Stay with the original format of Twitter lead generation cards

Why? Because it is designed to get people interested and ensure they are not put off. Adding extra links and images will not help you out because it will only seem like extra clutter and confuse possible leads. Keep the format clean and people will start clicking on it to see what you have to offer. There are two primary types of Twitter cards specifically designed to aid in getting people onto your lists or on your site but there are 9 total types of cards:

  • Summary Card Small & Large – Very basic with a thumbnail image, a little text and a link to your Twitter handle, this is the default card. The larger card is usually just a larger image, the cool thing about summary cards is that links, descriptions & title are all shared in the Tweet.
  • Twitter Photo Cards

    Twitter Photo Cards

    Photo Card – Similar to the Summary Card with large image, the biggest difference is that when it’s embedded and shared elsewhere the photo is visible above the original text. On Twitter all the details and links show up above the image too.

  • Gallery Cards – You’ve seen these before, just like the photo card except you can load up 4 different images. This is great for multiple products, events and even showing progression of a product use or a cool “how to” example.
  • App Card – Allows users to download an app, coolest thing is that if the user is on mobile it will automatically direct them to the app store encouraging them to download your app!
  • Player Card – Plays your Vine or Video and is similar to the Photo card to embed your description, title and Twitter handle. Remember Periscope is Native to Twitter so take advantage of the preference! Other videos will work with the Player but if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend using Periscope for Twitter.
  • Product Card – Showcase your products, a product card can include links to your product page, Twitter handle, and the product details (oh yeah, you can do this).
  • Lead Gen Card – Yes you can actually collect name & email addresses with this card, leads can sign up for your products & services without leaving Twitter.
  • Website Card – Similar to the Lead Gen Card, you can get leads to sign-up to your newsletter, whitepapers, landing pages etc. The main difference from the Lead Gen Card is that the Website Card encourages leads to click-through to your Website or landing page. Affiliates need to be very careful with these, be sure not use the “scary text words*”  and avoid sending leads directly to your Affiliate offers because it can land your account in limbo or get you banned. (*scary words such as cash, millions, affiliate marketing, mlm, home marketing, etc. it won’t always be a bad day but it’s best to just avoid these appearing in any text used in a card or ad).

4. Don’t forget about the URL tracking code

This very important step should not be skipped because it will actually provide you with much needed data. All you’ll have to do is go to the “Data Settings” section and submit the tracking URL (watch the video in the top of this post and I’ll show you). This will allow Twitter to provide you with valuable information, such as how much traffic your landing page is getting. Check your performance numbers daily, always know your numbers.

Other things to keep in mind

Never forget to nurture your leads once you acquire them. Ignoring them will get you nowhere. If you are not sure how to go about doing that, then don’t worry because I’m here to help. Schedule a free one-on-one session with me and you’ll get all the information you need.

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