How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads

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Most Internet marketers who have been on social media for a few years realize that social media marketing is imperative in order to generate leads. On average, marketers spend anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a week on social media platforms. The impact of social media marketing, especially for B2B companies, is significant. The image below reflects the percentage of lead generation via various social media channels. These statistics are a result of very methodical, well-thought-out social media posts.

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So Do You Tweet, Pin or Like To Generate Leads?

The simple answer is yes, to all of the above.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular so you can’t go wrong if you use them. Don’t confine yourself to only these channels though. As you get to know your audience, you’ll be able to narrow down your niche. Some call this “knowing your Avatar” or  knowing your Best Customer Profile. Then, you can investigate smaller, more niche-oriented channels like Pinterest, SlideShare, Google+ and Instagram.

The key is being able to identify your audience (your best customer or consumer). Once you discover where they spend most of their time at, divide your attention only to the channels they frequent. If they’re on LinkedIn, spend time in groups related to your niche and build relationships. If they’re on Twitter, consider getting noticed by doing Twitter chats. You can also apply a similar strategy on Facebook, join groups and participate in the conversations within the groups. By finding your audience and building a relationship based on trust with them, you will begin to get the desired targeted traffic (Know, Like & Trust).

Social Media and Espionage

How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads-Espionage

How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads-Espionage

Finding your target audience is only half the battle. Once you find them, it’s very important to decipher what exactly it is that they’re hungry for. The only way to do this is to spy or listen very carefully. You want to look for what they don’t say, people often express what they want without saying what they need.

This is where you will gain the most valuable clues as to what products and services you can provide for them. Or, if you already have products and services, you can design them to fit your specific audience. Much like my niche is the Make Money Niche I help others with Traffic & Lead Generation, this is one of the biggest needs in my niche. It will help you to make a list of at least 10 different needs or solutions that are a common to your own niche.

Entrepreneurs are basically problem solvers, look for a problem or a question they have that you can solve or answer. When you help someone just to be nice, it establishes your authority and sets you apart from the competition. Keep this in mind as you interact, you want to become part of the conversation. Remember, there’s a method to your social media posts. Focus on providing help and support, not on selling. This is the best way to gather more leads over time and have a continuous stream of people looking for your help.

Match Content To Your Audience

How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads - The Match Game

How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads – The Match Game

As you begin to decipher what it is that your audience is craving, you can organize your blog articles to match their needs. A good strategy to adhere to is to present a problem or question that is common among your audience. In order to draw them in, tell a compelling story or paint a painful scenario. Then, provide a solution.

Give them at least one actionable step they can take to help solve the problem. Make sure it’s an effective one, so that you provide value for their time. Then, you leave them wanting more from you. At this point, you present your call to action (CTA) with your landing page to either sign up for your latest posts or for your products.

Measure Your Efforts

Knowing your numbers doesn’t just apply to your site or offers, you should check the effectiveness of your efforts daily. There are many Social Media tools to help with posting and tracking such as Hootsuite and many others, (Google search).

Everything you do serves a purpose in your business and knowing how to measure the effect of your posts will help you know exactly what is working and how well. Your Marketing Success depends upon including the factors for effective campaigns and you want to have the right elements in your posts. You always want to measure how your posts are performing. Don’t just post on your chosen social sites and wait for the results to come in, marketing is much about numbers and these are some of things you should look for:

  1. Which post subjects and types give you the most engagement with your audience?
  2. What post times offer you the most engagement?
  3. How do your re-posts of content perform?
  4. How are your Call To Action performing, which type of CTA’s get more clicks?
  5. Which of your posts get the most re-shares, how can you repeat that success?
  6. Which Social Site provides the most engagement from your targeted audience?

Social media posts can greatly enhance your lead generation, but you have to do it strategically. Nobody likes the car salesman type who’s always trying to make a sale. Share your knowledge and expertise, people don’t want to be sold but they love to buy from those they “Know, Like & Trust”. Show genuine interest and concern for others by always giving value your audience can use. As a result, you’ll gain trust, respect and soon generate leads with all of your social media posts.

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How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads -

How Social Media Posts Can Help You Generate Leads –

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