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Best Online Advertising Tips is about some best practices you can start doing today to maximize your online marketing. Not a substitute for great ad copy skills or highly responsive creation. These Best Online Advertising Tips will help you not only save time but help your marketing get a step ahead while you’re perfecting your skills.

Hack Your Competition:

Ever look at other ads and say to yourself, “that’s great, wish I could make a ad that good”. Well here’s how you can do it, save those ads into a file. Break down how the ads are delivered and the writing in them. Anytime you feel stuck writing your own ad, use the ad copy from your swipe file to create your own. Understand that you don’t copy anything word for word but you use their copy to stimulate what you place in your own ad. See the video below:

Basic Ad Copy:

The number one approach when creating your ads is to ask a question and then provide the answer. Your question should speak to a common pain, failure or struggle within your niche/market. Follow this simple formula with your ads:

  • How To Get XYZ?
  • To Get XYZ result in XYZ time using XYZ
  1. Want to fire your Boss?
  2. How I was able to fire my Boss in 6 months with my Online Business
  3. Learn how you can Fire Your Boss In 6 Months Or Less Too: Click Here To Fire Yours

This is just an example and you can and should substitute the wording to fit your own marketing (such as changing “How To Get” for “Do You Want”).

Delivering Your Ads:

Best Online Advertising Tips

Best Online Advertising Tips

  1. Page Builders – Page builders are basically one page websites you can create from templates on a page builder site. These pages perform many different functions such as:
  • Opt-In Pages (building your list from leads signing up to your offers)
  • Sales Pages (pages where a sale takes place, leads buy right on the page)
  • Thank You Pages (these are great reply pages that are usually set up to appear directly after the desired action of the lead)
  • Buffer/Sandwich Pages ( these pages are typically used for up and down sell pages and also used for “in-between” pages before affiliate offer pages)
  • There are many other uses for a lead page, I’ve only listed some of the primary ones

If you prefer Lead Pages, I use them too but it’s not as my primary Lead Page source you can get started with Lead Pages here: Start With LeadPages

I also use MITSPages for my primary marketing pages, you can use MITSPages only through this link it’s just $1 for life: Click Here For MITS

Advertising Cheats:

Best Advertising Online Tips - Solve Problem

Best Advertising Online Tips – Solve Problem

What’s the top tip in Best Online Advertising Tips? Be the solution your niche is looking for. You have  struggled with certain parts of your business, income, delivery,and or audience building among others. Having struggles is something shared in your market and others will be attracted to your solutions. Not necessarily how cool your Company/Offer is. This is one of the biggest things new marketers overlook so forgive me for spelling it out:

  • One of the largest markets that new Home Business owners overlook is their fellow marketers within their own niche.
  • If you provide solutions for marketers in your niche, it’s usually easier to get sales from them because they understand the value your solution offers better than any lead that is not already in the business.

Audience Targeting For Ads:

What’s a great ad with poor targeting? Expensive! Heck you can still make a few sales when you target the most common keywords with your ads but not the numbers you could get by drilling down. The most popular keywords/phrases are also the most expensive. Take a moment right now and think about your niche:

  • What is the large “Market” my niche is a part of?
  • Who would be searching for my niche?
  • How & Where do they search for the solutions in my niche?
  • What other solutions does my niche provide?
  • Who is the least obvious people that would want to join me?

Take you answers and try to have at least 5 examples for each one, then start searching online. This is drilling down into your marketing and often you can find the gems by doing this. I would like you to look at it this way:

Let’s say in this example your niche is health & fitness, workout fanatics are the obvious marketing choice. Now after drilling down, you find some testimony from your Company (or you, could even be from your online peers). The testimony reveals that some people were able to alleviate back pain from losing weight and getting physically fit. Now it makes sense that you would target “back pain” sufferers too, was back pain among the obvious keyword targets? No, you only arrive at this conclusion from drilling down but don’t forget to test how it works. Marketing is not about “going all in” until after you already establish something working well to justify scaling up.

Let me hear your comments below, I personally answer them all. If you’re a marketer that is looking for more training like this, MITS is the training you’ve been looking for. It’s all about learning to become a better and successful marketer. No matter what your Company is, you need leads and MITS is where you get that training:

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Until The Next Time, Your Friend Glenn

Best Online Advertising Tips -

Best Online Advertising Tips –

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