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5 Tools which Can Help Social Media Marketers Save Time

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Almost all social media marketers are finding themselves spending too much time on repetitive tasks.

Are you one of them as well?

Would you like to know what tools you could use to automate some of the processes without losing the human touch?

Read on to find five of the best tools which help social media marketers save time and retain a human presence on Facebook, Twitter and so forth.

#1 Quuu – Hand-Curated and Automated Social Media Posts

Wouldn’t it be nice to always find a great piece of content to share on your social media profiles?

Quuu is a nifty tool which offers you human approved, hand-curated content to share on your profiles. They have a team of professional curators working for you.

To get started, you’ll need to select the topics you are interested in and then link your Buffer profile.

Another great thing about Quuu is you can either let the platform do the posting for you or just preview each piece of content before being posted.

You can use it for Twitter and you’ll see how engaging the posts actually are.

#2 Yotpo – User-Generated Content for Social Media Marketers

social media marketers

Are you taking full advantage of user reviews and testimonials?

Yotpo helps you with that.

This tool does a great job at incentivizing reviews by giving coupons and bonuses to your customers. It then collects all the reviews to a comprehensive database and even let you share them on your social media profiles.

In a nutshell, Yotpo helps you turn your customers into your own sales agents, without wasting any time or energy.

#3 LeadFeeder – Find Your Website Visitors’ Social Profiles

Don’t you just wish Google Analytics would give you more valuable data, like your visitors’ social profiles?

Luckily, LeadFeeder steps in to help social media marketers find that data. It’s a really appreciated tool for B2B, since you can see who’s coming to your site, which company they’re from and what they’re interested in.

Then, LeadFeeder lets you easily assign visitors to certain campaigns you’re running. You can even customize your automated responses to take into account what they’ve shown interest in. Lastly, the tool also helps you track and measure the results.

#4 rFactr’s SocialPort – Social Media Selling

This tool is so efficient and appreciated, even SAP, Microsoft and IBM’s social media marketers are using it.


The tool includes a scalable program for sales representatives operating on social media. It lets you connect leads’ social profiles with those sales agents from your company.

Then, it lets you monitor these connections for brand consistency and to improve the way your sales representatives are communicating with your customers.

#5 ClearVoice – A Shareworthy Content Library

social media marketers

Unlike Quuu, ClearVoice doesn’t automate the content sharing process. You can’t set it up and forget about it.

But it does feature a content library which lets social media marketers find the right thing to share. You can search by keywords and even by influencers. Using it really helps you fill up your social queue with high-quality and engaging content.

ClearVoice also features a paid version which gets you access to a workflow-management suite, content creation and distribution tools.

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