5 Crucial Marketing Trends For 2017

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2016 has been quite an interesting year. There’s no doubt that 2017 will be even more exciting and challenging for marketers and professionals.

Now that 2016 has ended, I thought that it was the perfect time to point out five significant marketing trends that will dominate this year.

Read this article first and then sketch out your objectives and goals for 2017. The marketing landscape is changing so quickly. You basically have to be prepared for what the future will bring.

Let’s discover the most important marketing trends in 2017. 

1. Long-Form Content Will Dominate

The annual bloggers survey conducted by Orbit Media showed that they don’t use as much content as they did a couple of years back.

Instead, they now focus on creating long-form content, which is published less frequently. It’s much better than writing multiple blog posts and publishing them a few times per week.

This makes total sense if you think about it. The Internet is supersaturated with written content. In fact, people are sharing articles without even reading them.

So, instead of spending too much time writing articles that will not be read, you should create engaging long-form content. They are known to be of much higher quality, and readers will actually be interested in them.

2. Mobile Marketing Will Grow Even More

Mobile devices will become increasingly more important in 2017. This is probably one of those marketing trends that will dominate for many years to come.

The challenge for marketers is to figure out how to make an impact on mobile channels and how to leverage them.

Also, remember that mobile is not only about optimizing for mobile devices. All the ads and the pieces of content you create, have to blend with your audience’s lifestyle.

3. More Videos

Did you know that for marketers, videos bring the highest ROI? Another trend report shows that this year, more than 70% of all traffic will be video.

The video trend is extremely visible on social media channels. Facebook introduced live video; Snapchat is so popular, and now Instagram has the live feature as well.

Video and live streaming will be huge in 2017, so embrace those social media networks and start filming.

4. Native advertising

By 2018, marketers will spend close to $21 billion on native advertising. This is a desired form of advertising for marketers because it does not disrupt the user experience.

It fits naturally, organically, in whatever action the person is doing. Your audience may not even be able to tell if it’s advertising or if it’s just a part of your site.

5. Personalize More

Perhaps one of the reasons why advertising doesn’t work is the lack of personalization.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can personalize every single aspect of your marketing.

Focus on email lists, social media ads, content marketing, or videos to attract more customers. Your audience can easily spot sales pitches nowadays, and they will ignore them.

By tracking your audience’s habits or interests, you’ll be on your way to creating personalized materials for them.

Use These Marketing Trends for an Amazing 2017

If you’re having a hard time attracting your audience’s attention, then you need to change something about what you’re doing.

Take a good look at the trends I have mentioned in this article and see how you can apply them to your business.

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